Hendrix Assessment

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Lucy Lyon
on Nov 4, 2020

In the fall of 2019, a group of students in Dr. Goadrich’s Databases and Websystems class designed a website for Hendrix professors to assess how their classes went at the end of the semster. Currently the professors are sent an excel sheet, fill it out, then sent it back to the Assessment Office (i think), then someone has to manually merge all the excel sheets into one big one for each department. This was very inefficent, which is why the Hendrix Assessment website was created.

This semester Dr. Goadrich decided to have Disco Tray Studios re-do the project, in hopes of improving the previous website, and allowing TEC classes to be assessed as well, which was not included in the first website. With the current website, professors log in and they are shown all of the classes that they taught for the semester, and whether or not a survey has been completed. When they click on a class, the survey pops up and if they’ve already completed it, then their answers are automatically filled in. Professors then complete the survey or edit their answers, and submit it. Once the survey is submitted it is stored in a database that is accessible to the Admins.