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Play Make Learn 2022

on Aug 8, 2022

This week, Jonathon, Ian, and I have been attending the Play Make Learn 2022 conference in Madison, WI, learning all about educational games, and sharing our community partner framework through Disco Tray Studios with others. It has been wonderful to...

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Good Vibes Mood Tracker

on Apr 5, 2022

“Good Vibes” is an app in which users can input their mood throughout the day, track their mood history, and see the mood of the last fifty users. When a user enters their daily mood, they occasionally receive an inspirational...

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on Feb 3, 2022

“@itsmaya” is a visual novel game where you follow the life of a Black girl named Maya as many different people as she goes through the American school system. How many people can affect one girl’s life as she grows...

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Climate Goes Political

on Nov 8, 2021

Climate Goes Political is a turn-based game where you discuss with your fellow countries whether or not to decrease emissions. Determine the future of the world. Work together or against your fellow countries by agreeing to a Climate Treaty or...

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on Nov 7, 2021

ChemSim is a game meant for the practice of which reactions have which delta enthalpy, entropy, and Gibbs free energy values. This is a game currently at a pause in development due to lack of communication from the client. This...

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Astronomical Bodies

on Oct 18, 2021

Astronomical Bodies is a physics simulation game that was developed as a final project in Dr. Goadrich’s Game Dev class by the request of Dr. Ann Wright. Disco Tray Studios was then tasked with polishing up Astronomical Bodies. So, experiment...

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on Nov 4, 2020

To help prepare for Dr. Goadrich’s Game Development course in the spring, we created a Twitch account to stream educational games. We’re streaming every day of the week, besides Wednesday, and each day is a different member of the team!...

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Hendrix Assessment

on Nov 4, 2020

In the fall of 2019, a group of students in Dr. Goadrich’s Databases and Websystems class designed a website for Hendrix professors to assess how their classes went at the end of the semster. Currently the professors are sent an...

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Using Dates for My Life in Months

on Sep 29, 2020

Earlier this month, we updated our first project My Life in Months to include an option for the user to create their chart with dates instead of months. The user inputs the starting and ending dates, and the number of...

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My Life in Months

on Sep 8, 2020

Earlier this summer, we found the My Life in Month charts posted by Isabella Benabaye and Sharla Gelfand very intriguing, because in addition to being a convenient way to share a visual history of your life with friends and family,...

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Why the name Disco Tray Studios?

on Sep 6, 2020

Disco Trays are glittery cafeteria trays from the ’60s that bring good luck and serendipity to anyone who stumbles upon it. Throughout the years, Disco Trays have slowly been replaced in the cafeteria with solid green and white trays. However,...